Most species can be generally characterized in a couple ways; dark vs. light color and grain patterning. This is the easiest way to start whittling down your wood selection. Within these two categories there are seemingly endless combinations. Its really a matter of personal taste. Wild, knotty and curly grain structure can be a tapestry all on its own. This breath of nature can help to make a dining table incredibly special and a focal point of a room. On the other hand, calmer soothing cathedrals can help create a more serene setting. 

Over time, exposure to sunlight will darken or lighten many species. Cherry is well known for darkening to a deep reddish brown over time but starts off a medium to light tone. Maple and Sycamore will achieve a more golden hue. Walnut and Wenge can lighten a bit over time. This is a naturally occurring process that generally takes many years to develop. As a rule of thumb direct exposure will speed up this process.

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All our samples are standardized at 7” x 11.25” x 1” thick.


While our images aim to faithfully portray the color and grain patterns of each species we understand the value of holding a well finished piece of wood in your hands. For that reason we have made various samples available on loan. Our samples are crafted to the same high standards as our furniture so that they can begin to give you a sense of the finish, quality and care that goes into our work.


We are happy to loan samples of wood species you are interested in for one of our pieces and ask that they be returned in a timely manner. We will ship or otherwise deliver the samples to you free of charge however they need to be sent back at the clients expense. This is to help ensure we are sending out samples to serious inquiries only.


Occasionally we are asked to create samples with custom finishes, of exotic woods, or custom lacquer colors. We are happy to create these specific samples for you at $150 per sample. Colored lacquers are created with Benjamin Moore color formulas so we would need a color swatch, color name or code in order to create the custom lacquer.

Those who wish to keep our standard samples for their own material libraries may do so at the same $150 per sample.