Diamond Mirror

The Diamond Mirror is a combination of modern precision and exquisite craftsmanship. Its frame is created by 16 diminishing facets cut into a single pane of glass which generates a glittery effect similar to light refracting through a diamond.

Both sizes are made with clear glass, the images are simply taken in different lighting conditions.



Beveled Float Glass, Magnetics, Steel
Portrait: 31" High / 27.5" Wide
Tableau: 40" High / 35.5" Wide



By the end of the 17th century, mirrors and their frames became an increasingly important part of decorating the home.  Frames were used to reflect the taste of the time. Ivory, silver, olive wood, and tortoise shell all made their marks through time. By the 19th century, the French started producing circular mirrors framed in complex Neoclassical gilded wood carvings.

The undeniable presence of these early mirrors has been somewhat lost over the years. Modern day mirrors are often thought of as a means of providing reflection and the object itself has become less important.

A mirror’s commanding presence was the result of the sweat, blood and hours of skilled craftsmen who created master works impossible to reproduce today. The Diamond Mirror hopes to regain some of the power from the glory days, using newer techniques and less blood (but the same amount of sweat).


Simplicity is never what it seems.  It’s often cloaked by complex and demanding side effects. The Diamond Mirror’s 16 facets are cut and polished by hand requiring the absolute precision of a master glass beveler. To achieve the subtleties in the glass, some bevels have to be cut to a tolerance of less than a half a degree.  Imagine splitting an atom, it’s something like that.


To truly present a frameless mirror, we had to rethink mounting systems too. Modern high tech magnetics offered the perfect solution.

The Diamond Mirror is mounted by attaching a steel plate to your wall that the mirror’s magnetic backing clings to like magic.  The Diamond Mirror is held perfectly flush and remarkably secure.  The system is impervious to all accidental bumps, but can still be removed easily with a little tug in the right places.  The magnetics are made to last many lifetimes, and are engineered to provide just the right amount of attraction.  The system also allows the mirror to be leveled and adjusted up to 5 inches in any direction to fine-tune its placement.  You’ll never worry about studs again.

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