James & Jimmy

James and Jimmy were inspired by all the movie villains we love to hate, who always seem to live in the perfect lair containing the perfect stuff.

Every inch of the James and Jimmy Desks are designed with proportion, beauty, and function in mind.  They have integrated desktop filing ‘gills’ and drawers with adjustable inserts to keep your life streamlined and organized.  Their features and good looks compliment each other perfectly.  You’ll soon realize your desk isn’t just for doing work.  It’s for writing your memoirs, reading a book, putting your feet up, and keeping your life focused on living.  



Modernlink / Onelink Collection / Executive & Home Office 
Solid Carbonized Bamboo (Fine Grain), Stainless Steel
James: 77” Length / 36” Depth / 30.5” Height
59” Length / 28” Depth / 29.5” Height

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