Halsey Fracture COFFEE TABLE

The first variant of our Halsey design that stretches its brass handles to span the cabinets full height. The handles are digitally milled from large blocks of billet brass to allow a level of seamless detailing that can't be matched by other methods. The fractured design was originally born from a mistake while computer modeling an early iteration which accidentally combined two different prototype Halsey designs. Eventually, the lines were coddled to the fractured graphic you see here and also became the first in the Halsey series to break free of symmetry.

Table can be fitted with any combination of adjustable shelves and felt lined drawers.
Table can be tailored to any dimension by scaling or with additional double doors.
Wood species, metal and additional finishes can be tailored.



Walnut, White Lacquer, Brass
48” Length / 36" Width / 19” Height