Christiaan Armoires

Solid wood pieces like these are very special.  A single 300 year old tree trunk from Pennsylvania was used to compose not one, but three cabinet faces for the Christiaan Armoires. Utilizing whole trees creates dramatic, unique, and gorgeously distinct furniture. Works like these are unrepeatable because of the individuality found in such mature trees.  It is truly one of a kind, designed and built to last through the generations. In the case of Christiaan’s triptych armoires, centuries of growth are carefully sliced, milled, and composed over a 2-3 month period to accentuate the inherent beauty in the wood.  Trees tell a visual story about their lives, and it’s most apparent in pieces like these.  

Oversize works like these are built to a clients needs. Please contact us to discuss designing very large solid wood cabinets.



Curly Walnut
Single Armoire: 33” Width / 108” Height / 24” Depth