ARNON Home Office Desk

Arnon embodies a sense of softness despite being crafted in unyielding durable materials eschewing the perceptions typically associated with solid hardwood and steel. The top's radiused corners and underbelly work in tandem with the small curved details of the drawer faces and handles to develop Arnon’s subtle soft sensibility. Not only does the wood top surface take on a mellifluous rounded shape, but it’s complimented by bent steel legs whose curvature furthers its gentle aesthetic. The steel legs are laser cut to tapper slightly from top to bottom and then plated with a satin nickel finish. All Arnon's drawers are felt bottomed and the drawers on either side contain a separate felt lined top that lends some extra desk space when needed or can slide back to reveal the drawer's contents. Arnon is the warm result of a modern rectilinear composition without a single sharp 90 degree corner.

Drawers are felt lined.
Wood species, metal finish and sizing can be tailored.



European Beech, Satin Nickel
60” Length / 26” Depth / 29” Height